The Living End ***SOLD OUT***

The Living End ***SOLD OUT***

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From Jun 23rd 2016 to Jun 24th 2016

“It will forever be impossible to get sick of watching these guys live.” – The Music Network
The fans have spoken and The Living End have delivered!
Tickets to the June 24 Melbourne leg of The Living End's Shift national tour have already sold out after going on sale earlier this morning, and so the band has swiftly added a second show for Thursday June 23.
Australian rock and roll kings The Living End finally announced their return to the throne earlier this week with the release of new single 'Keep on Running' and the announcement of new album Shift (out May 13 via Dew Process / UMA) and the Shift national tour. 
Having taken a five year break after the release of the ARIA award winning The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating, the release of 'Keep on Running' announced the next chapter in the band's storied history.
‘Keep on Running’ is one of the most powerful songs of The Living End’s career. Full of swelling strings and acoustic strums, it’s also a deeply personal song for The Living End front-man Chris Cheney, who co-wrote the track with his friends Dylan Berry & Stefan Litrownik during an emotionally turbulent period in his life. 
“We all have moments where life is getting the better of us, but that's when you draw strength and come out the other side stronger,” Cheney says. 
The band also recently teased the album announcement with the release of the track ‘Monkey’, which is vintage TLE - punk rock smashed into rockabilly creating the kind of amped up anthem that had fans salivating at first listen over the prospects of the album ahead.
The one-two combo of ‘Keep on Running’ and ‘Monkey’ highlight that Shift is the hardline sound of a band on the warpath. Pity the fool in its sights. The Living End has a history of tough talk. There have been riots, revolutions and resistance, and Chris Cheney, Scott Owen and Andy Strachan have never been afraid to break out the artillery. What makes Shift so different is the unflinching candour. Shift is a first-person fight club.

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