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Cindy Salmons Empowerment Hour

Cindy Salmons Empowerment Hour

Forum II

From Mar 30th 2017 to Apr 9th 2017 BUY TICKETS

Be empowered by Cindy Salmon, self-help guru and feminist inspiration. She swims upstream against the patriarchy and directly into your heart - whether you like it or not.
Cindy Salmon's Empowerment Hour is a little satirical, a little surreal, and mostly too real for women everywhere.

"An infectious energy that will leave your cheeks sore by the end of the night." - Squirrel Comedy, 2016

Duration: 50 Minutes

Please note, the Forum is a licensed venue. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and will be premitted entirely at the venue's discretion.

Due to the current renovations to The Forum, The Forum Upstairs unfortunately won't be wheelchair accessible for the 2017 Comedy Festival.

Contains occasional coarse language and adult elements.

Suggested for ages 16+

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