Forum Melbourne Accessibility Information

Forum Melbourne is a venue for everyone and we work hard to make our shows and events safe and accessible for all. We’ve put together the below information about the venue but if there is anything missing or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Accessibility & Ticketing Contacts

Phone: 1300 11 10 11
Email: [email protected]

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of this information page with images.

Booking Tickets

Tickets for Forum Melbourne are sold by Ticketek. You can purchase them online, at or call us on the number above.

Tickets can also be booked in person at the Regent Theatre Box Office located at 191 Collins Street, Melbourne (accessible via stairs only) from Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.

For in person bookings with wheelchair access please visit Her Majesty’s Theatre box office located at 225 Exhibition Street, Melbourne and open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

To arrange a companion card ticket or accessible viewing please call or email us before the show. These tickets may be limited, so please make sure you get in early.

How To Get Here

Forum Melbourne is located at 154 Flinders Street Melbourne (Corner of Flinders & Russell Streets).

Parking: There is limited street parking but Forum patrons can access special rates at select Wilson Car Parks. This offer must be booked on their website before arrival. Click here for more parking information -

Drop Off / Pick Up: The best spot for drop off and pick up is either on Russell Street next to Culture Kings (30m from the Forum entry) or on the Russell Street extension next to the Ian Potter Centre (80m across Flinders Street, there are traffic lights in front of Forum main entrance).

Tram: The closest tram stop is Russell Street – Stop 6 which is on the Route 70, 75 or City Circle lines. This stop is a level access stop.

Train: Flinders Street Station is approximately 250m from The Forum. All metro lines leave from this station. Please click here for more information and timetables -

Arriving At The Venue

Entry to the Forum is via Flinders Street and you will need a ticket to enter the venue. If you are collecting your tickets, you will need to visit the box office to the right of the main entrance.

There is a wheelchair accessible entrance into the Box Office via a small ramp into the foyer. Please speak to a staff member if you need assistance.

All of our tickets are electronic mobile tickets and are scanned at the door. If you are having trouble accessing them on a smart phone, please visit our box office staff who will be able to assist you.

Companion Tickets

Forum Melbourne accepts Companion Cards and we are able to organise companion tickets before the show date. These tickets may be limited so please make sure you call or email the box office as early as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.

Tickets are available for collection on the day of the show from the Box Office with presentation of the companion card. Our Box Office opens 30 minutes before doors open for most shows. The door time for each show will be listed on the event page on the Forum website and ticketing page.

Support Animals and Guide Dogs

Support and assistance animals are welcome at The Forum. Please contact the Box Office on 1300 11 10 11 prior to the show so we can arrange for entry and a reserved space if you’d like it.

Please be aware that the venue is a noisy and busy environment, so you may want to consider the use of an alternative aid when attending a show.


There is low lighting in the venue as needed for shows. All walkways are clearly marked, however if you have low vision and need assistance, please let us know, our staff will be happy to help.

We will always try and make sure there is signage for any shows with strobe lighting, however this may not always be possible. If you have any concerns about strobe or flash lighting for any show you are attending, please contact us and we will do our best to give you as much information as we can.

Pass Outs

Pass outs are available throughout the night via your ticket. You will be scanned in and out each time to want to exit and re-enter. Re-entry will be via the main entry doors and you may need to line up for re-entry.

For all ages events we are not able to allow pass outs for under 18 patrons, but we have quiet spaces available. Please see one of the staff if you need any help or get in touch prior to the show if you have any concerns.

Quiet Spaces

Forum has quiet space options on the mezzanine level upstairs away from the main auditorium & foyer. There is no music or bright lighting in these spaces. Our quiet spaces do not have a view of the stage. If you would like access to any of these rooms at any stage during the show, please see one of the staff in the foyer who can escort you to this space.

Forum 1 (Main Room)

The Forum has three levels within the Main Room:

The Booth area is reserved seating and must be booked prior to the show. All other areas in the venue are general admission and standing room only, except for special requests or for Seated shows (which will be advertised as such on the event page).

Seating Options

Shows at Forum Melbourne are usually general admission standing. However, we do sometimes host seated shows and this will be clearly listed on the website and ticketing page.

General Admission Shows

If you have trouble standing and require a seat for a standing show, we can arrange this for you. Please contact the box office as early as possible with your request to ensure availability.

We have a few different seating options suitable for different mobility levels and it’s always recommended that you confirm your needs with the box office prior to show day.

These seating areas have a limited capacity so it’s best to get in contact as early as possible to ensure availability. Dependent on how many seating requests we receive we may only be able to provide a seat for you. Friends, partners, companions and gig buddies may be required to stand.

Seated Shows

We sometimes host fully seated shows at Forum Melbourne. For most seated shows you will be able to select your seats online when purchasing your tickets. Please contact our box office if you have concerns or would like assistance to choose seats to suit your specific needs.

Please note: we do not have seats with armrests available at the venue

Wheelchair Viewing Areas

Depending on the show mode we have multiple viewing areas available for wheelchair users in the main room. Access to both areas is via a ramp from the foyer.

To book a wheelchair viewing spot please call or email the Box Office. If you’ve been to a show with us before and have a preferred area, please let us know when booking. These areas have a limited capacity so it’s best to get in contact as early as possible.

Wheelchair seats for seated shows are located at the back right of the dance floor, please contact our box office to book a wheelchair seat. Please see the security or the box office staff when you arrive and they will be able to show you to your space.

While we will always try our best, we cannot always guarantee sightlines and may not be able to provide a seat for your friend or companion.


There are three bars in the main room:

All three bars are not always open for every show and there will be signage on the bar if it is not open. The bars are all 114cm high and do not have lower sections for wheelchair service. If you would like extra assistance ordering, please ask our staff.

There is also a bar on the mezzanine level for both Forum 1 and Forum 2 shows. This bar is quieter than those in the main room and may be better for anyone with difficulties communicating.

Drinks can be ordered at the bars throughout the show, including sugar free and non alcoholic options. Free water is also available at the bar.

The kitchen is only open for some shows and this will be listed on the event page the week before the show. There are chips and snacks available at the bar for all shows.

We don’t serve straws with any drinks at The Forum, but have paper straws behind the bar. Please ask the staff for a straw if needed.


Please use the bathroom that is most suitable for you and there is a gender neutral bathroom in the foyer if you would prefer to use that. If you have any questions about bathrooms at Forum Melbourne please speak to a staff member.

Main Room Toilets

Female bathrooms are located at the back of the main room and are down a flight of stairs. Male bathrooms are located off the entrance foyer on the right side, facing the stage. Both main sets of toilets have a number of cubicles and basins, as well as well as an entrance foyer.

Mezzanine Toilets

There are additional toilets upstairs off the mezzanine foyer. These bathrooms will be available for use during both Forum 1 and Forum 2 shows.

Female Toilets – left side (facing the bar)

Male Toilets – right side (facing the bar)

Gender Neutral & Accessible Toilet

A gender neutral and fully accessible toilet is located on the left of the main entrance foyer (facing the stage). Just follow the signs to the Manager’s Office.

It can also be accessed from the main room through the wooden door at the back of the room. This is located to the left of the entrance to female toilets.

Forum 2 (Upstairs)

Forum 2 is a separate theatre space upstairs from the main room. Forum 2 is a fully seated venue and often used for Comedy shows, speaking events and film.

Access to Forum 2

After entering the Forum foyer from Flinders Street, the entrance to Forum 2 is on the right of the foyer via 23 stairs in 3 sections with hand rails to the mezzanine and then another set of 20 stairs to Forum 2.

There is also lift access available for anyone with difficulty using the stairs. The lift is near the accessible toilet to the left of the main entrance foyer. Please see one of our staff members should you need to use the lift.


Forum 2 is a fully seated venue upstairs from Forum 1. Shows at Forum 2 usually have allocated seating, however we do sometimes host shows that are seated general admission and this will be listed on the website and ticketing page. Forum 2 seats have shared arm rests.

The stairs in Forum 2 are quite steep and without a handrail. However, there are 3 rows (Rows C, D & E) that are level access near the front of the stage for most shows that can be reserved if the stairs are not suitable. If you would like to book in this area please call or email our box office. If you have difficulty using stairs, please contact our box office to arrange for accessible seating.

Wheelchair Viewing Area

Forum 2 has a number of wheelchair spaces available at the front of the room. If you would like to reserve a wheelchair space, please contact the Box Office before purchasing tickets.

These are limited so we’d suggest getting in contact as early as possible.


The bar for Forum 2 is located in the mezzanine foyer, outside the auditorium. You may purchase drinks before the show or during intermission (if there is one) and take them into the auditorium.

Free water is available at the bar if needed.

All of our bars have paper straws available on request, please just ask one of the staff.


Please use the bathroom that is most suitable for you and there is a gender neutral bathroom in the foyer if you would prefer to use that. If you have any questions about bathrooms at Forum Melbourne please speak to a staff member.

The Mezzanine toilets are available for use during Forum 2 shows. These are located in the foyer mezzanine outside the Forum 2 auditorium

Accessible Toilet: A gender neutral, fully accessible toilet is located downstairs to the left of the main entrance foyer on the ground level and is accessible via the lift. From Forum 2 it is accessible via lift. Please see a staff member if you need to use the lift or need assistance locating the bathroom.


Cloaking is available for all general admission standing shows at no cost. The cloakroom is located beside the Mezzanine Bar and Bar staff can assist you with cloaking your items. You will be given a ticket to return in exchange for your items at the end of the night.


Band merchandise is available for most shows at the merchandise booth to the left of the main entrance. Most merchandise companies will offer both cash and Eftpos transactions.

General Information and Service

Most of our service is over the bar but all of our staff are always happy to assist. If you have any questions or specific needs please let us know.

Need something else? Please speak to any of the venue staff who are always happy to assist.

Feedback & Suggestions

Have you got any suggestions for what we can do better or a general enquiry? Please send them through to [email protected]