Northeast Party House



The Northeast Party House ‘Shelf Life’ tour is in celebration of the bands third studio album and most acclaimed to date, with tracks like ‘Dominos’, ‘Magnify’ and ‘Shelf Life’, setting the pace for the high energy and electrifying live experience that punters can expect.

“Shelf Life is Northeast Party House’s best album to date and is bound to fling them to a level of appreciation and adoration that they’ve always deserved.” - Music Feeds

“Ten years into their life as a band, Shelf Life will be a turning point for Northeast Party House. This will be on a heap of end of year lists. There’s no doubt there.” 4/5* - The AU Review

The band has always expertly transferred their recorded material into a sweat induced live experience, and judging by the reaction to the current new crop of songs on Shelf Life, these shows will once again deliver the required energy to transport you to a better place.

Please note: this event was originally scheduled for Friday 4 September 2020, then was rescheduled to Thursday 26 November 2020, and a final change has now been made and the event will take place on Friday 15 May 2021 at Forum Melbourne. All tickets for previous Forum Melbourne event dates will remain valid. All remaining tickets are now on sale for the new event date.