After a winter cooking up new treats for their fans, as well as festival appearances in Europe and Canada, Shapeshifter are returning to Australia for 2 special shows this February.

The lads will be at peak match fitness after powering their way across the New Zealand festival circuit in December and January, bringing a fresh new show but as always covering the full spectrum of music, from soaring soul, high octane rock, future shock electronica to pulsating jungle music and everything in between. 

With lights and visuals that bedazzle and sonics that will vibrate every fiber of your being, every Shapeshifter show raises the bar of what live music can be.

With a pedigree that includes the Big Day Out, Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Parklife, Hospitality in the Dock, as well as some of the most memorable events New Zealand has witnessed, Shapeshifter are renowned for delivering unforgettable performances and are rightly known as New Zealand’s premiere live electronic act.