Dirty Three (RISING)


Eleanor Jawurlngali

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Sun 16 Jun 2024 7:00pm
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The trio that paints notes like stars in the sky. Back with new compositions to play and new stories to tell, Dirty Three return with their first hometown headline show in 14 years.

No one does it like the Dirty Three. Ever since their first gig at a Richmond pub in 1992—when Warren Ellis fastened a pickup to his violin with a rubber band to give it some extra snarl—they’ve been following their own path.

While their peers were doing grunge, they were facing each other onstage, making rock without the ego. Jazz without the histrionics. Folk without the troubadours.  Improvising rumbling, wide-open instrumentals that pull you in like oil-painted landscapes.

They don’t get together very often these days. But to see them perform is to witness three men shoulder-deep in the task. And to host their hometown return at Hamer Hall after so many years is a scintillating prospect indeed. The aching splendour. The meandering beauty. The mammoth swirl. The Dirty Three

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